Monday, May 21, 2012

To...Too...Two Bad

By request, I am going to address one of the most common errors people make when they are writing.  These three words are frequently mixed up and misused - two, to, and tooTwo is perhaps less mistreated than the other two.  (See how I used it correctly there?)  From my observations of online forums and other media, it seems that most often to is used in place of too, and less frequently the other way around.  Sometimes, I think the mistake can be a simple typographical error - hitting the o too many times, or not enough.  Oh, look! I used it correctly there!

Here are the basics of these words:

The easiest to remember is two, the number 2. 

To is a verb usually used in conjunction with other verbs.  It denotes action: "I'm going to the store." "I have to be there at two o'clock."

Too is an adverb.  It means also, or as well.  "I need milk, too." "That's too bad."  "I have to be there at two, too."  Okay, that last one is a little silly.  I wouldn't actually write a sentence like that, but it shows all three words in their appropriate use.

My greatest vexations, however, are the people who are just too lazy to hit the extra o.  Really, people!  It's just one letter.  Please, use it!  I promise you won't break your fingers (or your keybord, for that matter).